Từ vựng ielts reading


  1. Get lost in a book =Immerse oneself in a book: (v)To become fully engrossed and absorbed in a book.
  2. Page-turner: A book that is so engaging that you can’t stop reading it.
  3. Skim through: (v)To quickly read or glance through a text to get the main idea.
  4. Read between the lines: (v)To understand the hidden or implied meaning in a text.
  5. Dull plot: A story or content that lacks excitement and interest.
  6. Unputdownable: Used to describe a book that is so captivating that you can’t stop reading it.
  7. Gain insights into: (v)To acquire a deeper understanding or knowledge of a subject through reading.
  8. Immerse oneself in: (v)To completely involve oneself in a book or reading experience.
  9. Binge-reading: Reading a series of books or multiple works by the same author in quick succession.
  10. Must-read: A book that is highly recommended and considered essential to read.
  11. Avid reader: Someone who has a strong passion for reading and reads frequently.
  12. The climax of the story: The most intense and pivotal moment in the plot.
  13. Plot twist: An unexpected and significant change in the direction of a story.

Benefits of Reading:

  1. Reading exposes you to new ideas, information, and perspectives, broadening your understanding of the world.
  2. Regular reading enhances vocabulary, grammar, and language proficiency, leading to better communication.
  3. Engaging with books keeps your mind active, and helps improve memory and concentration.
  4. Reading can be a relaxing and calming activity, reducing stress.
  5. Books stimulate creativity and imagination, transporting you to different worlds and scenarios.
  6. Reading provides entertainment, an escape from reality, and a source of joy and pleasure.

Ebooks vs. Paper Books:

Advantages of Ebooks:

  1. Portability: Ebooks can be stored in electronic devices.
  2. Accessibility: Many ebooks can be downloaded instantly for free.
  3. Adjustable Text Size: E-readers allow you to customize the font and text size.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Ebooks save paper, reducing the environmental impact of traditional book production.

Advantages of Paper Books:

  1. Tangible Experience: Holding and flipping through physical pages can provide a sensory and nostalgic experience.
  2. Reduced Eye Strain: Reading from paper is often considered easier on the eyes compared to screens.
  3. No Battery Dependency: Paper books don’t require batteries or charging, ensuring uninterrupted reading.
  4. Collectible and Decorative: Physical books can be displayed, collected, and passed down as treasured possessions.
  5. Less Distractions: Reading from paper may lead to fewer distractions compared to electronic devices.

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